Bye LA. Hello New Life.

In a classic Kirby fashion I’m sitting in LAX crossed legged luggage surrounding me. Why do I enjoy writing on the go oh so much? It’s felt surreal packing all the bags, dropping G and then the following day W at the airport. Today it was my turn to head to the airport after I cleaned up the last bits of “us” in the loft and the new tenants, a cute newlywed couple started moving in. It was weird listening to them dropping things into our bedroom closet that really was no longer “ours”. I’ve said this before I will forever be grateful to LA. It healed me. It’s where my family really became a family. It helped me become a new person both inside and out. It gave us life long new friends. For all of this I will always be grateful. 

As you can tell I’ve shaken my sad pouty mood from the post before and am feeling more hopefully for what the future holds. Not to say I didn’t tear up and stand in the LA loft’s door way a little too long before letting the door close lock clicking behind me. But, we’re onto our next adventures with some big news, WE’RE ENGAGED!

And we’re as happy as can be. You know when something just feels like it’s exactly how it should be? That’s how I feel looking down at this gorgeous ring my love very kindly gave me and more importantly the promise it stands for. The future is bright. 

So, soon I board a plane, a new healthier, balanced, and engaged (!!!) “new me” in “old me’s” home for a month. Here I come NYC!

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I’m sitting her G leaving tomorrow, W the day following, and myself Monday. Each of us to a different country living a life apart for a month. As some of my longterm readers know, I’m nothing new to travel but this time, this time it’s very very different. 

I am miserable. I mean, mood swing, pouting, waking up crying, miserable. I’m a down right mess. I just don’t want to be away from my family, for that long. 

This past year when I for the first time in my entire life I got to feel what it feels like to have a real complete family and living in the daily pleasures of that. I just don’t want to let go, or lose it. The good or the tough all of it. I feel like for the first time I have my hands wrapped tightly around love - real love. 

Still not knowing my visa status is playing a huge part into this I know…I hate just not knowing what our life will look like come fall. More so though it’s that I finally get “it”. I get why everyone thought I was nuts having a travel heavy job and a child, I know what people mean when they write or talk about hating to leave their family for work. Honestly I never did because I never had something so substantial, so real. Sure I had G and myself in the beginning being a single mom but those years were ridden with drama of my divorce and so many other things as a relationship ends. Traveling was a welcomed break from the reality of life. 

Now though, I don’t want a break, I don’t want out, I want my family under the same roof close enough to hold and breath in. I want us together. This is all new territory for me. It’s going to be a long long month. 

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Fitness Journal Before and After - !

We came to LA so I could find health. At first it was about physical health. I came for the surgery I needed and the recovery I would need to survive. But what ended up happening was so much more. Mentally I healed also. I lifted out of a toxic industry, I had the space to let go of some major baggage, and I slowed, way way down. To the point I became bored which is exactly what I needed (even if I didn’t know it yet!). 

(This photo from early on in the year I was rocking the head bands to hide my hair loss from my illness and pushing myself way too hard at work)

Someone recently told me I had a “laid back” energy to me. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing when they said this. Me, always hyper, fast talking, quick to jump to the punch line, self laid back?!  Now that I’ve thought about it, yes, I have become more “laid back” and earned it in every sense through my recovery. 

It’s been a journey to health and it’s not anywhere near over. What started with survival eventually became very “externally focused” leading me to some of the best lessons I’ve learned as an adult so far. 

Before my surgery I never ever thought I would be able to run. I’ve always been amazed and slightly jealous of people who distance ran. With my large tonsils blocking my airways I physically couldn’t do it, I wasn’t getting enough air. I just thought I was bad at it and didn’t know what was preventing me from succeeding. So after my surgery/healing I set out on my month of “self ass kicking” to kick start myself into shape. Nike trainer became my main ass kicking tool. I started to drop weight and started to have more energy than I had had in years. After a month completed of training I started what I always secretly wanted to do, run. To my surprise my first attempt I could actually do it! I ran two miles that day with a ridiculous grin slapped across my face the entire time. I was running, I could do it! 

I set out training for my first 5k. And I got there, not to running an actual 5K but to running the distance in a decent time. Till I started to get pain in the back of my feet, my Achilles Tenants. As the days went on even though I stopped running the pain got worse and worse till I realized I had blown them out. Just because I could breath running didn’t mean my body could take it. I was forced to stop running for close to three weeks. 

It was about this time I also realized I had stopped losing weight. I was still on a low calorie diet, I was still working out 6 days a week but my body just stopped. It was over worked and letting me know it was time to stop. 

A little frustrated I was working so hard and not seeing the progress I wanted any longer in my body I rested feeling a little bit defeated. I rested my body but not my mind. I read everything I can on running and health those couple weeks. I eventually came across the book “The Petite Diet”. Granted it’s an easy but horrible read, the guy sounds well kinda off as a writer but the info he provides…awesome. I learned about calorie cycling and how to truly nurture my tiny body (I’m all but 5’2” in real life). The week following reading the book I jumped into the eating plan (with Fodmap variations), the calorie cycling, and the easy (non-pounding) workouts. And I slowly started to see progress again! 

Originally I had a goal of hitting my “goal weight” before we left LA. Now I realize that was just a little silly and putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself!  When we moved I was 140lbs my goal is 115lbs. At this very moment I’m 121lbs. I’ve lost 19lbs over the last 6 months which is a healthy rate to drop. If I had been more strict on my clean eating and enjoyed a few less nights out or heavy but nice meals in the past month I may have even shaken those last 6 lbs like I wanted by now. But, really what’s the point then? I’m not living to not eat, I’m not living to let my weight control me. I’m living to FEEL my best and confident in my own skin while enjoying my life. And yes, unlike many skeptics who will tell me to “toss out the scale” and not follow the weight, I find weight and weighing myself is a wonderful tool for mapping my progress and a great way to help me understand sometimes why I’m feeling certain ways. I also believe in having a healthy BMI which getting to my goal will be right center for my height. Weighing works for me, may not for you but we have different paths! 

I’ve learned SO much on this journey and I’m thankful to the universe for not only setting me up to receive the health/personal care I needed for my recovery but also for the time/space to really heal from the inside out.

A few lessons I’ve taken with me from this journey:

Weight loss and health do NOT happen in straight lines - This is another reason I weigh myself. I can actually retain enough water and food in my little body I will go up and down by almost 5 pounds at a time! Same thing goes for how I feel and my energy levels. This is why I log everything into MFJ and TheGLOW apps now. Since I’ve been tracking my progress I get a birds eye view of months now. The point isn’t to have consistent loses or consistent great feeling days it’s to see an overall change which will come with many fluctuations for many reasons. It’s about the long term success. This is the most valuable piece of information I’ve come to learn so far about becoming healthy I think. 

Drinking water is hard! - If the wind blows wrong over here I swell. It’s been a life long problem so water (and a LOT of it) is so important for me. Don’t get me wrong I love water, oh how I love water! But remembering to drink as much as I need, that’s a hard one.

Learning to let go, not let things get me so down - This lesson is more applicable to others areas of my life but I’ve really thought about it and put it to practice during this process. It sucked finally being able to run a life long dream then BAM being injured, and it being no ones fault than my own for over working myself. Rather than focusing on the negative I readjusted my approach. Yes, I couldn’t run but I didn’t let it get in the way of continuing my journey to most healthy version of me. I’ve been trying to apply this type of attitude in many areas of my life. I’m a self admitted control freak so this has been a big step for me but an important one bringing me less stress day to day and I’m sure playing into my new “laid back” energy. 

Learning to never settle yet let people be who they are, be intentional with your time and energy - Taking this time to change and work on myself has made me really understand just how important the limited time we have really is. I’ve been known to “cut out” people in my life, mostly in a negative way. Now, I’ve come to view this differently. I’m still sensitive to my community and who’s in my life, I still don’t have space for anything not positive, or worthwhile. Yet, I’m learning I can give people we choose to include in our life the space they need to just be who they are while not settling on my morals or pushing my comfort boundaries. I’m much more intentional now with my time and energy. Over all it’s less about “pushing out” the negative like the past and more about “bringing in” the positive. I’m slowly starting to reach out more and let the people I care about know I love them. I’m trying to do more kind things for these people and be intentional with the words coming out of my mouth. Sure this leads to some let down…people don’t always come through like you would hope but I’m trying to let that go and instead of festering on it redirect my attention to people more receptive, warm, and ready to connect. How does this relate to health and weight loss you ask? Well, because we’re whole humans. We need to feel good on the inside to truly look good on the outside! 

Thanks for joining me on this journey so far and can’t wait to share with you my future progress! 

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Monday Musings, late late Monday Musings…

Well, hello new friends. I’m assuming tumblr featured us or something again in their side bar (and I was completely clueless about it till today) because as of Saturday there’s a LOT more of you. Thanks tumblr as always, you’re pretty cool. 

How was your Monday? We’re currently up at almost midnight waiting for G to get home from a baseball game with friends (yes you read that right our four year old is out past midnight). We got pretty distracted with some wine, cheese, gelato, and indulging in the pleasure of another date night. We spent a bit of time wandering around LA in the cool evening air daydreaming about what’s next for our family. We’re getting spoiled with these date nights lately. 


Bathroom date selfies for the win. Blurry, always blurry. 


How was your weekend? We were crazy busy. Saturday G had her going away party. It was probably the most chill event I’ve ever been involved in throwing. Granted my wonderful friend Zane took over everything I’m not so keen on doing (decorations, general planning) and left me with the singular responsibility of food so I can’t take too much of the credit. 


The miracle worker and her husband…meanwhile I spent most of the event like this: 


(aka goofing off)


Proper actual camera shots to come soon in a proper post about the event. For now iphone dumping it is.


We let G invite a bunch of her friends over after the party for a final sleep over. We ended up with 5 little girls under 5. It was busy in the loft that evening to say the least! I’m proud to report I “super mom’d” it through the evening. Fed and happy we all took to watching Aladdin which I think I may have enjoyed more than the kids (who else LOVED that movie when they were a child?!). I managed to get all five of them asleep by 10pm, in the same bed may I mention. Bam! Super mom. 



We’ve been packing the loft up like a mad woman lately. Giving away things left and right to friends. We’re really proud of G she’s doing an incredible job of dealing with me selling things we can’t take to the UK like her stroller and car seat. She’s calmed down a bit this last week about the transition which has been making the house much more peaceful also which feels great. 

There’s a bit in the pipeline as of posts this week. I’ve got a bit about my new almost all natural hair and skin routine since I’ve joined the “no poo” parade. Plus some sweet posts about DTLA before we blast out of here.

Before then I would like to invite you to friend me on Instagram (can we talk about how I just miss typed that first time as “Instagasm” haha…is that a thing?!). My lovely and always inspiring friend Vienda Maria has asked me to join her in a 10 day instagram challenge about “freedom”. I’ve never done an insta challenge so I’m kinda excited. Find me over there HERE


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Fall Capsule Wardrobe + Lovely Links

Last weekend I tried on more clothes than I think I ever have in my whole life combined. As I’ve mentioned I’ve been planning out a capsule wardrobe for a bit now. Originally I wasn’t going to make the jump and buy the new wardrobe till I hit my “goal” weight (which I’m about 6lbs away from right now) but, honestly, how I feel in my skin now is pretty great - goal weight or not. Sure, I want my tummy to be a bit flatter, hips a little leaner, and all that stuff but as I continue this healthier lifestyle I’ll get there even slowly and that’s OK. Fact is if I were to stay exactly where I am now physically I would be OK with that. So with the frustrations of not having clothes that fit anymore I took to planning my capsule. I firstly charted out what I would be spending my time over the next three months. For me it’s a lot of being a mom, family time, working from home with the occasional meeting, and face to face interviews with these UK companies once I arrive (come on visa, any day now!). Plus we can’t forget wanting to dress up pretty for the boy. OH and warm, really warm since London is cold cold cold in the fall. So, that left me with a pretty clear vision of what “kind” of clothes I needed to purchase. Warm, relaxed, semi pro, and somewhat sexy. 


Next I emptied my closet out onto my bed. With only being able to have 37 items to my wardrobe and wanting to purchase better newer fitting things I  had to cut down. I made a pile each season and yet another “giveaway” pile which to my surprise became huge by the end of the session. My closet looked SO empty! But as I sat down and inventoried what I was keeping and what I needed I became so excited seeing my shopping list taking shape. 


To pack aside my summer/winter clothes and help with the move I bought some compression bags. Such cool things I wish I had them when touring! That’s a season and a half of clothes smooshed down in those two bags! 


With shopping list in hand and 4 stores go through I headed out last Saturday. I had budgeted myself out for each item reaching an over all budget (but aiming to come out under by looking at sale options). I don’t think I have ever tried on so many pieces of clothing. I literally tried on 38 pairs of jeans in Zara. I didn’t know my new size or body shape so it took a bit to find what fit just right. 


Officially the worst iphone photographer…. you get the idea….


Didn’t buy this dress but still have it on my mind for a future purchase…

I actually enjoyed the process of keeping on budget. I would spend a little more here and cut a little more down there to make up for it. As such in Zara there was this incredible one piece knit jumper I tried on that was AMAZING. So I traded in the black pants I planned to buy and bought a cheaper button up shirt to give me space in my budget for the jumper. It felt so good to be making conscious thought out purchases. 


Arriving home I laid out my purchases on our desk to fully view the first full wardrobe I have ever purchased as an adult for myself. It took me almost the rest of the day to remove tags, log everything, wash, and eventually pack away in my closet. 


This my friends is what a 37 piece wardrobe looks like. 

Have you ever used the Stylebook app? It’s incredible you take photos of you clothes and can come up with “look” options within the app. I remember being a little girl and seeing the closet in the movie Clueless that would rotate and show her outfit options thinking how cool it was. I kinda feel like Stylebook does just that for me! The little girl in me loves playing with it. But more importantly it’s really showing me the numbers making sure I keep within my maximum allotment. Also when you log your outfits each day it show you which clothes and looks are most worn to help with future purchases.

Funny thing of this all though is as soon as I bought all these new warmer fall clothes and got my closet all set up the weather turned into a heat wave in LA so I haven’t been able to wear a lot of the new items. I’m excited to see how this whole capsule wardrobe thing pans out though when I head back to cooler NYC. While I’ll never be a fashion blogger (or fashionable actually haha) I’ll post up and occasional update but plan to take more to my instagram when I’m excited about my outfits and want to share. Anyone else going through this process of starting to live minimal and intentional I would love to hear from you too! Drop me a line in the comments. 

For some weekend reading here’s somethings that have caught my eye (and been in my cool links folder for almost two weeks since we’ve been so busy with work lately!) Have a great weekend friends! 

-I’m not one of those people who fear getting older, I’m actually fascinated with it (I’m currently reading “French Women Don’t Get Face Lifts”) and look forward to aging, THIS is such a wonderful quote about that.

-Love love love THIS place. Not big enough for a family bit a nice “after kids” set up for sure. 

-It’s easy to say no if you love something… 

-I’m SO going to need THIS in the UK for my winter commutes, thinking of it in black.

-More info on Fall Cap Wardrobes and how to Prep HERE

-I will forever come every fall hold a grudge over you sharing THIS with me Wilson. You couldn’t have just let me have this one….?! I couldn’t have been blissfully unaware but no…. The pumpkin spice latte is FOREVER ruined for me. 

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Thursday Thanks

I’m sitting here on the *now* rare moment of wrapping my work at a decent hour and having  a moment to surf the interwebs for nothing particular listening to my loves play in the next room, so many giggles coming out of that little girl. As my work load has picked up again these days are few and far between. Our LA loft is open, wide open. At least with our NYC loft it’s two floors and if someone is downstairs and you’re tucked in upstairs you can hold a decent conversation without impeding into another family member’s quiet time. 

On the other hand our LA loft….sheesh, we can hear G whispering to herself as she fights off sleep each evening. Even though we’ve adjusted it’s not always made for the best family environment. Yet, I’ll miss something about sitting here listening in on W and G playing in the other room. It’s these little things make up the flavor of each chapter of life. Back in Brooklyn it was how the light of the setting sun hit the walls in my loft just so as to take my breath away and make me slow down each evening in Red Hook. Maybe not the biggest things in life but memories I’m thankful for this Thursday. 

A few other little things I want to drop into the memory jar while I’m at it: 

The god awful DTLA walk to and from G’s school THROUGH skid row each weekday morning. Will I miss this walk? No way. But, do I appreciate the memories of our family strolls twice a day through DTLA? Totally. So much bonding time spent with each other. 

A memory that will always make me smile is how G started a bit back running from the elevator to our apt door full blast. She’ll beat us there then being the joker she is pretend she’s asleep since we “took so long”. It’s these little things I’m thankful for, the little memories that eventually add up to create a life. 

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A Month of Homeschooling

We decided in an effort to spend more family time together before we’re all apart for the month of October to keep G home from school. This being the first time since our travels last summer having her not in daycare or with a nanny. We were focused on my health this last period so my work load has been on the lighter side and figured the time would be enjoyable. Plus kids in the UK start school at 4 years old so it will be all about “real school” once we move. Did you know kids in the UK don’t have a long summer break and pretty much go to school year round?! I had no clue! 


We were right about one thing, the extra family time was needed but we were completely wrong about it being totally enjoyable. G is freaking out. And when I mean freaking out I mean terrible twos times a thousand. From what we can tell it’s the impending moves and transition out of her LA school she was only in for 9 months making her act a bit crazy. Kids are such interesting little beings on one hand they are so much more flexible and fluid than us adults but on the other hand such as right now change can be so disruptive to their mental capacity. Fact is G has known very little than anything different than constant change since she was born. I always had a crazy tour schedule in her first years, there was a consistent turn over of caretakers and care arrangements and eventually the joy of having Wilson come into our life. But I think she’s at the point she’s just over it and is really needing (and asking via her poor attitude) for a solid, consistent environment for a long stretch. 


I’m hoping everything immigration wise works out so we can offer this to her. We’ve found a great apartment through a friend with a near by incredible school that by chance has an opening if we are let into and to settle in the UK. All the pieces are falling into place but the actual “OK” do it! ……sorry side rant. Can you tell I’m getting more and more anxious to hear from immigration? 


Typical family photo, she’s 4…

Part of me wishes we would have started this homeschooling thing even a couple months earlier with G. While there’s been a lot of behavioral things (for both her and us as parents) to overcome since she’s struggling a bit it has been nice to have her around. *ironically enter G for the 500th time this morning interrupting me trying to get through some writing and work*. It has been a bit of a struggle to figure out the schooling and work balance also but as each day passes I feel we’re getting closer and closer. 


I feel like she’s in Jurassic Park when seeing this photo haha





Best dad ever. 

The biggest thing for us has been trying to establish a routine filled with educational experiences. We thought life skills and topics that interest G would be the best things to focus on. We alternate between swim lessons (we have a pool on our roof) and trips to the library daily. I’ve also added into the schedule free local events and museum visits with last week being the LA Natural History Museum. The most “school” like thing we’ve worked on is her writing and spelling. She’s getting better and better staying in those lines and has started sounding out and recognizing certain letter combos within words. 


At the museum G ran off with my camera she’s been really into taking photos lately and just now I found this incredible shot she took, guess we should add photography to the class list huh?

Could I be a full-time homeschooling mom? When I worked in the music industry and enjoyed a bit more of my freedom through all the travel (at the total sacrifice of a less consistent bond with G) I would have said NO WAY. Now, if I were to be a stay at home mom (read between the lines “not having to run my own company anymore”) and could really focus on just G I may actually enjoy it. Learning beside her is enjoyable. Now that she’s older it’s all adventures. Teaching her new things no matter how challenging her behavior has been is so damn rewarding. Sure I could do with getting a little more creative, art is not my strong suit but Wilson has been doing a solid job of covering that department. 



Most cool thing about this experience though truly has been how we’re getting to improving our parenting. Nothing like being a family together 24/7 to help give you some prospective and open up areas for improvement! Lots of those types of talks have been happening around here lately. 

It’s incredible how quick time is going by right now…a week and a half till we leave LA. Crazy. W even pulled out the suitcases yesterday which put a little knot in my throat. I’m going to miss our little girl and waking up next to my best friend every morning that’s for sure. My heart get heavy just thinking of it! But, onto the next adventure, the next chapter. 

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Heal Thy Gut!

How was your weekend friends? Ours was great. G had a sleep over this weekend with a friend from school. She was SO excited to have solid playtime while W and I were SO excited to have some adult time even if we had nothing particularly special planned. 

(completely un-related photo but I giggle each time I see this)  

While G went to Chucky Cheese ( I didn’t even think these places were still around!) and the LA fair with her friends we took to a relaxed weekend. On Saturday I took the jump and committed to the fall capsule wardrobe. After over a week of planning (for the first time in my adult life) I went out and bought myself an entirely new wardrobe. A more detailed post about that is in the pipeline, I’m excited to share the process with you! 

After the busy day of shopping Wilson and I prepped for an evening out. We ventured not too far from our loft to Migon a wonderful little French restaurant. The dark, woody, and moody space was exactly what our souls were singing for, a date. The staff is warm and welcoming and if you sit (like we did) around the outside of their gorgeous bar you can actually peek at the food being carefully prepared. They are the perfect small sized plates with what feels like a little extra bit of love in each dish. There’s no rushing here which was just perfect after the craziness of last week. 

We dove head first into some yummy organic wine and the Prix Fixe menu. OMG yum! Escargot with a light fluffy pastry puff and herbs, sliced meats, fresh from the oven crusty bread (and butter), Steak, followed by a couple wonderful cheeses chosen lovingly by our hosts. The food was ace, the company was superb, and the evening flowed by wonderfully. My only complaint was they don’t yet have an expresso machine to add that final set to the multi course meal. Besides from that it was an A+ meal. We ended the evening with some live cajun music. We were SO wrapped up in each other that evening not one photo was taken! (a rarity in these parts) 

Sunday, not waking up to a toddler jumping on our heads we lazied around for the morning. I organized my new closet before we picked up our neighbors dogs(we’re walking them when they are away) and headed out in search of brunch. We ended up right around the corner from Migon at the Artisan House. This place has become a staple in our life. It’s a wonderful shop/market and a fabulous bar/restaurant in the large space. I’m happy we were able to try their brunch before we left. We (again) were so wrapped up in our quiet chill grown up time (seriously we SO needed this break from parenting) there’s no photos, but trust me when I tell ya, they do brunch well! 

The amazing thing about this weekend besides how great it was to have a full 24 hours of adult chill time, was how my body reacted to all the treats. I’ve mentioned before the restricted “Fodmap” diet I’ve been on to help heal my body post surgery. While its been a big learning curve to figure out how to cook and eat without basics like onions, garlic (tear), dairy, and gluten I’ve seen the positive affects on my body when following it strictly. I’ve felt great and the issues with body swelling are all under order. We’ve been eating a lot of yummy whole foods around here lately. Lots of roast veggies and fish mostly all cooked at home. 

Thing is I don’t want to have to eat like this forever, I took to this diet to heal my gut not to make a drastic permanent lifestyle change that restricts me from enjoying my favorite foods. So came the test. As you could imagine a lot of the food from our treat dinner and brunch out were on the naughty list. Especially the evil gluten in that perfect crusty bread (i love you gluten). Normally if I had indulged in this meal I would have swollen up horribly and been in the bathroom 5am on with horrible stomach pain. Awesomely though I awoke Sunday without a sign of trouble, in fact besides from the little wine hang over (we don’t drink ever anymore so even the littlest amounts do us in) I felt awesome. My tummy was flat and peaceful. I was equal parts surprised and excited. 

This means not only is my body healing with the outside types of things like thinning down and having more energy, this means my body from the inside is also healing. It’s obviously harder to track these types of changes but to be able to go out occasionally for dinner with my man and not have to worry about being on the floor the next day in pain is a huge step. 

This doesn’t mean I’m going to abandon this healthier lifestyle and run off to eat crusty french bread and cheese for all three meals (I would if I could though haha!). I’m taking this as a sign for what it actually means to be “healthy”. How we really are made of what we eat. I’m positive I have a long path ahead of me to keep staying healthy and making long term improvements. If you’re dealing with any auto immune issues, are healing from anything, or even just want to give your belly a break I can’t recommend the Fodmap diet enough it’s been life changing.  

Well, happy Monday friends, I hope you have a wonderful start to your week. 


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Fall Wardrobe & Home Schooling

Ahhhhhhhh how is it Wednesday already?!

This week is FLYING by! Which I hate being the end of the month brings our family is apart: it’s totally cool to slow down time! There’s been many extra kisses and snuggles as our move date moves closer. I’m going to miss W and G SO much. 

We’ve been super busy running around town to child friendly museums and events. We decided in order to spend extra time with G for this last LA month we were going to keep her home and homeschool her. It’s been both parts awesome spending all this time with her and frustrating because well, she’s four and four is kind of tough. Especially when your environment is constantly changing like hers has been for the past 11 months and will continue to do for the next 3 at least. We’re just taking it day by day with lots of extra hugs.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a flux of work projects lately knocking on my door which has also added to the mix of what feels like less hours in the day. The big balancing act I love because I’m surrounded by the people and the kind of work I love. It’s pretty great.

A cool part of the extra work coming in is the flexibility to actually start creating a capsule wardrobe for this fall season. I originally planned with the cost of moving and such to start creating a new wardrobe once we were into winter and settled into the UK. I’m excited now though to get working on pulling all the pieces and looks together, really planning out what I wear for the first time. I’ll still be keeping it mostly on the cheap (hello target!) and not yet investing in those expensive higher quality items except for a couple special purchases.

A surprising thing I figured out this week is I kind of NEED to do this, not just because I WANT to (don’t new clothes just feel so awesome) but because my clothes just don’t fit anymore. I’ve been feeling uncomfortable in everything down to my underwear but couldn’t figure out why, I couldn’t really see the changes till I recently took to the Target dressing room and tried on clothes. I started with size 6…but I was swimming in those, moved to a size 4 and they fit well but honestly depending on the cut they were even a little loose, enter size 2 the WINNER. I went from a 8/10 M/L to a 2/4 XS/S in less than 6 months. It’s no wonder I’m feeling so odd in my clothing, I’m significantly smaller now and need clothes to fit this new smaller shape. 

So last night after a day long adventure at the natural history museum when G was snuggled up on her way to a restful night of sleep I took to Un-Fancy’s wardrobe planner. I may have stayed up WAY past my bedtime but it was so much fun pulling everything out of closet and planning. I even managed to create another “give-away” pile which I didn’t think was even possible. I maybe able to fit my entire wardrobe into one suitcase now (I’m so up for that challenge).  

This post seems so consumerist, about “new stuff” and “buying”. But really that’s not what I’m excited about. With taking these steps I’m excited to putting action behind my words living not only more minimal but more intentional. Every purchase is going to be thought out and intentional for the life I want to live and how I want to feel. I’ll update more here as I continue the process of creating a fall wardrobe. Now onto a busy Wednesday, I’m already behind on my to do list for today! Opps! Happy hump day friends! 

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Tea Straw + Lovely Links

Is it me or did this week just fly by? This weekend we have a packed schedule. Tonight we’re disco dancing in the park as a family under the stars. G’s hoping they will play a little ABBA since she’s pretty much obsessed with Mama Mia since we listened to the movie soundtrack 1,000+ times on our “Baby G Tour 2013" last summer in the van. *cue the soundtrack playing in the loft again…sorry W…* On that trip we may have sang every song at the top of our lungs through 6 states. I can’t wait to take her to see the play live when she’s a little older! 



My hair is officially in the “WTF?!” stage of No Poo.


 Saturday we’re drumming in the park at a large African Drum Circle. DTLA is so great for free fun stuff like this, the bar is high for London town. That evening I’m sneaking away to help a girlfriend on her website and have some adult time. Sunday we’re off to the Santa Monica Farmers Market to meet up with G’s LA BFF to celebrate her birthday with pony rides and yummy wholesome food.



I posted about this tea straw on my instagram and people were really into it. It’s a nifty little invention making it possible to drink loose tea without the hassle of a tea bag. I planned to talk about more DTLA small businesses on here which obviously didn’t happen but if you do find yourself downtown I recommend popping into “Create Your Health Tea" on West 5th Street. They are super friendly and have a tea for just everything plus every tea accessory you could think of under the sun. All the teas are prepared in their at home kitchen and lovingly packaged with hand written labels. I’m currently drinking the "Looking Good" mix which promotes healthy weight loss and reduced bloating.




And if you were to need some weekend reading for over a cup of tea here’s some posts from around the web that have entertained me this week. Have a wonderful weekend friends! 

THIS woman just melts me when she talks about anything love releated, just so sweet.

I literally got sucked into watching THIS for 15 (ok like 30) mins this week. It just blows my mind these people are hitting play at the same time and don’t know it. I love things like this that organize the “chaos” in the world. Good job Spotify. 

THIS story blew my mind…how is it even possible to accomplish this, I thought Mac would be set up better….His story telling of the Secret Service showing up is just great. 

After blogging for almost 10 years now THIS made me smile. 

Can you tell I have everything marriage and babies on the mind lately?   can’t get enough of THIS instagram lately. The brides are SO beautiful. 

THIS long but good read. Work environment is such a big thing to me lately as I look for a new position. 

THIS made me miss home (Red Hook BK) a LOT. 

Been trying to work THIS video into a post unsuccessfully for sometime now since it’s SO relevant to young girls. I cringe a little every time G asks me if she “looks pretty” after I put lipstick on her (for play). This video is fun and dead on with it’s message. 

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