Heal Thy Gut!

How was your weekend friends? Ours was great. G had a sleep over this weekend with a friend from school. She was SO excited to have solid playtime while W and I were SO excited to have some adult time even if we had nothing particularly special planned. 

(completely un-related photo but I giggle each time I see this)  

While G went to Chucky Cheese ( I didn’t even think these places were still around!) and the LA fair with her friends we took to a relaxed weekend. On Saturday I took the jump and committed to the fall capsule wardrobe. After over a week of planning (for the first time in my adult life) I went out and bought myself an entirely new wardrobe. A more detailed post about that is in the pipeline, I’m excited to share the process with you! 

After the busy day of shopping Wilson and I prepped for an evening out. We ventured not too far from our loft to Migon a wonderful little French restaurant. The dark, woody, and moody space was exactly what our souls were singing for, a date. The staff is warm and welcoming and if you sit (like we did) around the outside of their gorgeous bar you can actually peek at the food being carefully prepared. They are the perfect small sized plates with what feels like a little extra bit of love in each dish. There’s no rushing here which was just perfect after the craziness of last week. 

We dove head first into some yummy organic wine and the Prix Fixe menu. OMG yum! Escargot with a light fluffy pastry puff and herbs, sliced meats, fresh from the oven crusty bread (and butter), Steak, followed by a couple wonderful cheeses chosen lovingly by our hosts. The food was ace, the company was superb, and the evening flowed by wonderfully. My only complaint was they don’t yet have an expresso machine to add that final set to the multi course meal. Besides from that it was an A+ meal. We ended the evening with some live cajun music. We were SO wrapped up in each other that evening not one photo was taken! (a rarity in these parts) 

Sunday, not waking up to a toddler jumping on our heads we lazied around for the morning. I organized my new closet before we picked up our neighbors dogs(we’re walking them when they are away) and headed out in search of brunch. We ended up right around the corner from Migon at the Artisan House. This place has become a staple in our life. It’s a wonderful shop/market and a fabulous bar/restaurant in the large space. I’m happy we were able to try their brunch before we left. We (again) were so wrapped up in our quiet chill grown up time (seriously we SO needed this break from parenting) there’s no photos, but trust me when I tell ya, they do brunch well! 

The amazing thing about this weekend besides how great it was to have a full 24 hours of adult chill time, was how my body reacted to all the treats. I’ve mentioned before the restricted “Fodmap” diet I’ve been on to help heal my body post surgery. While its been a big learning curve to figure out how to cook and eat without basics like onions, garlic (tear), dairy, and gluten I’ve seen the positive affects on my body when following it strictly. I’ve felt great and the issues with body swelling are all under order. We’ve been eating a lot of yummy whole foods around here lately. Lots of roast veggies and fish mostly all cooked at home. 

Thing is I don’t want to have to eat like this forever, I took to this diet to heal my gut not to make a drastic permanent lifestyle change that restricts me from enjoying my favorite foods. So came the test. As you could imagine a lot of the food from our treat dinner and brunch out were on the naughty list. Especially the evil gluten in that perfect crusty bread (i love you gluten). Normally if I had indulged in this meal I would have swollen up horribly and been in the bathroom 5am on with horrible stomach pain. Awesomely though I awoke Sunday without a sign of trouble, in fact besides from the little wine hang over (we don’t drink ever anymore so even the littlest amounts do us in) I felt awesome. My tummy was flat and peaceful. I was equal parts surprised and excited. 

This means not only is my body healing with the outside types of things like thinning down and having more energy, this means my body from the inside is also healing. It’s obviously harder to track these types of changes but to be able to go out occasionally for dinner with my man and not have to worry about being on the floor the next day in pain is a huge step. 

This doesn’t mean I’m going to abandon this healthier lifestyle and run off to eat crusty french bread and cheese for all three meals (I would if I could though haha!). I’m taking this as a sign for what it actually means to be “healthy”. How we really are made of what we eat. I’m positive I have a long path ahead of me to keep staying healthy and making long term improvements. If you’re dealing with any auto immune issues, are healing from anything, or even just want to give your belly a break I can’t recommend the Fodmap diet enough it’s been life changing.  

Well, happy Monday friends, I hope you have a wonderful start to your week. 


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Fall Wardrobe & Home Schooling

Ahhhhhhhh how is it Wednesday already?!

This week is FLYING by! Which I hate being the end of the month brings our family is apart: it’s totally cool to slow down time! There’s been many extra kisses and snuggles as our move date moves closer. I’m going to miss W and G SO much. 

We’ve been super busy running around town to child friendly museums and events. We decided in order to spend extra time with G for this last LA month we were going to keep her home and homeschool her. It’s been both parts awesome spending all this time with her and frustrating because well, she’s four and four is kind of tough. Especially when your environment is constantly changing like hers has been for the past 11 months and will continue to do for the next 3 at least. We’re just taking it day by day with lots of extra hugs.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a flux of work projects lately knocking on my door which has also added to the mix of what feels like less hours in the day. The big balancing act I love because I’m surrounded by the people and the kind of work I love. It’s pretty great.

A cool part of the extra work coming in is the flexibility to actually start creating a capsule wardrobe for this fall season. I originally planned with the cost of moving and such to start creating a new wardrobe once we were into winter and settled into the UK. I’m excited now though to get working on pulling all the pieces and looks together, really planning out what I wear for the first time. I’ll still be keeping it mostly on the cheap (hello target!) and not yet investing in those expensive higher quality items except for a couple special purchases.

A surprising thing I figured out this week is I kind of NEED to do this, not just because I WANT to (don’t new clothes just feel so awesome) but because my clothes just don’t fit anymore. I’ve been feeling uncomfortable in everything down to my underwear but couldn’t figure out why, I couldn’t really see the changes till I recently took to the Target dressing room and tried on clothes. I started with size 6…but I was swimming in those, moved to a size 4 and they fit well but honestly depending on the cut they were even a little loose, enter size 2 the WINNER. I went from a 8/10 M/L to a 2/4 XS/S in less than 6 months. It’s no wonder I’m feeling so odd in my clothing, I’m significantly smaller now and need clothes to fit this new smaller shape. 

So last night after a day long adventure at the natural history museum when G was snuggled up on her way to a restful night of sleep I took to Un-Fancy’s wardrobe planner. I may have stayed up WAY past my bedtime but it was so much fun pulling everything out of closet and planning. I even managed to create another “give-away” pile which I didn’t think was even possible. I maybe able to fit my entire wardrobe into one suitcase now (I’m so up for that challenge).  

This post seems so consumerist, about “new stuff” and “buying”. But really that’s not what I’m excited about. With taking these steps I’m excited to putting action behind my words living not only more minimal but more intentional. Every purchase is going to be thought out and intentional for the life I want to live and how I want to feel. I’ll update more here as I continue the process of creating a fall wardrobe. Now onto a busy Wednesday, I’m already behind on my to do list for today! Opps! Happy hump day friends! 

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Tea Straw + Lovely Links

Is it me or did this week just fly by? This weekend we have a packed schedule. Tonight we’re disco dancing in the park as a family under the stars. G’s hoping they will play a little ABBA since she’s pretty much obsessed with Mama Mia since we listened to the movie soundtrack 1,000+ times on our “Baby G Tour 2013" last summer in the van. *cue the soundtrack playing in the loft again…sorry W…* On that trip we may have sang every song at the top of our lungs through 6 states. I can’t wait to take her to see the play live when she’s a little older! 



My hair is officially in the “WTF?!” stage of No Poo.


 Saturday we’re drumming in the park at a large African Drum Circle. DTLA is so great for free fun stuff like this, the bar is high for London town. That evening I’m sneaking away to help a girlfriend on her website and have some adult time. Sunday we’re off to the Santa Monica Farmers Market to meet up with G’s LA BFF to celebrate her birthday with pony rides and yummy wholesome food.



I posted about this tea straw on my instagram and people were really into it. It’s a nifty little invention making it possible to drink loose tea without the hassle of a tea bag. I planned to talk about more DTLA small businesses on here which obviously didn’t happen but if you do find yourself downtown I recommend popping into “Create Your Health Tea" on West 5th Street. They are super friendly and have a tea for just everything plus every tea accessory you could think of under the sun. All the teas are prepared in their at home kitchen and lovingly packaged with hand written labels. I’m currently drinking the "Looking Good" mix which promotes healthy weight loss and reduced bloating.




And if you were to need some weekend reading for over a cup of tea here’s some posts from around the web that have entertained me this week. Have a wonderful weekend friends! 

THIS woman just melts me when she talks about anything love releated, just so sweet.

I literally got sucked into watching THIS for 15 (ok like 30) mins this week. It just blows my mind these people are hitting play at the same time and don’t know it. I love things like this that organize the “chaos” in the world. Good job Spotify. 

THIS story blew my mind…how is it even possible to accomplish this, I thought Mac would be set up better….His story telling of the Secret Service showing up is just great. 

After blogging for almost 10 years now THIS made me smile. 

Can you tell I have everything marriage and babies on the mind lately?   can’t get enough of THIS instagram lately. The brides are SO beautiful. 

THIS long but good read. Work environment is such a big thing to me lately as I look for a new position. 

THIS made me miss home (Red Hook BK) a LOT. 

Been trying to work THIS video into a post unsuccessfully for sometime now since it’s SO relevant to young girls. I cringe a little every time G asks me if she “looks pretty” after I put lipstick on her (for play). This video is fun and dead on with it’s message. 

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Thursday Thanks + (and again) 2014’s Theme

I started Thursday Thanks posts years ago when I needed some “cheering up” during a hard time. It never fails to put prospective on things when you take a step back and say “thank you” to the universe for all the wonderful things it’s presented you with. This week is another great opportunity for us to focus our energy away from the negative and back on the positive for both G and I. 

(blurry just like the last couple days…booooo) 

Yesterday was G’s “day”. All day she spoke about from morning on was going to the “fountains” in Grand Park which is the large park in DTLA. Kids of all ages during the hot days (mostly clothed) run around in the water having what seems to be the best time of their lives. Being a ex-NY’er fountains are G’s jam. Well, sadly when we arrived yesterday to find all the fun was shut down for maintenance and G’s four year old heart was broken. We instead found a shady spot to chill and G asked for her snack I had packed. No more than 5 mins later that entire snack was dropped on the ground becoming bird food. Girl was NOT having a good day. In hopes to cheer her up we bought her a shaved ice. All was good in the world till nap and bed time rolled around. It’s for another post but G is not having a good period with sleep to say the least and we as her parents have the joys of helping her work through this hard time. Oh Joy. 

Yesterday was her “bad day” and today is mine. I woke to a waterfall of bad emails. Mostly UK related stuff (boooo) but more so it’s NOT what I found in my email that’s frustrating. We’re still waiting to hear back about my visa. This visa dictates everything, the plane tickets I need to buy (for me G AND more complicated my dog), where I’m going to be come 3 weeks etc. A LOT of our logistics are waiting to be finished with that single email. Not to mention also the FUTURE of our family being together. It’s annoying say the least. And again the prevailing theme of 2014 rears it’s evil head. Patience. I get it, I still need to perfect this skill but am I not allowed to be annoyed?! 

Moving on………being thankful.

Thursday Thanks  

I’m thankful for: 

Libraries - The DTLA library is absolutely beautiful. I’m planning on taking G as much as we possibly can over our last weeks here. This week we climbed the halls and dug through the stacks and stacks of children’s books. The smell, and general “cool aired” feeling of a library is something I’ve appreciated since I was a child and this library is no exception it just “feels” like home. I hope G holds onto the memories of these trips together and cherishes them like do.

Friends in New Places - I’ve always been a lucky person to make wonderful friends where ever I travel or live (AND fall in love!). But, you know those friends that just end up being extra extra special? Ones you will keep close with no matter how far away you move? The type of people who spew friendliness and affection that you just don’t know how you ever lived without their great vibes? Well I found one of those girlfriends here and it’s been amazing having her in our lives. Thankful for that for years to come! 

Reading - We’re working a lot on G’s reading skills these days (again thank you Farfaria) and it’s fun to watch her discovering words. But, this week was more about my reading. I also let myself check a grown up book out of the library earlier this week. I haven’t been able to find a book I was really into in the past few months but I fell heart first into this one and read it in two days! I haven’t lost myself in a good book like that for ages, it felt amazing and oh so fall like. 

I have to admit sitting down to write this I was acting like a little grumpy kid just focusing on the negative. But now after writing this out I feel a bit better even with the poor start to my day! Thursday Thanks at it’s best. Hope your week has been “crappy day free” friends. 

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Tattoos and Pregnancy - Part II

A week doesn’t pass where I don’t get asked about my tattoos. Fact is I have a lot. I’ve always had a style goal in my head of a lot of tattoos with classic conservative clothing like lovely pants suits and sweaters. I like the two worlds clashing. As I build my new wardrobe in EU I hope to do more of this.


(almost two weeks into “no poo” here, hair’s getting a little moody these days) 

One of the biggest questions (after the ever annoying “are those real”) I get is how my tattoos faired pregnancy. I have some belly tattoos that either have lowered a bit over the years as I’ve aged or my pant line has risen, probably a combo of both. What I know though is they don’t peek out the top of my pants very often anymore. I did a post WAY back when documenting these tattoos after having the bubs. And honestly thanks to those early 20s cells nothing much really happened to them post baby besides one little line being a bit stretched out but nothing noticeable to the normal eye. I also thought I faired well with no stretch marks thanks to solid genes, proper moisturizing and my young age. 


Yet, now it’s time for part II of this story because as I’m losing weight I’ve carried since having G, slimming, and toning I’m coming to find I wasn’t as lucky as I thought! While so far in this journey my tattoos are still fairing well, stretch marks I didn’t even know were there are starting to show themselves! As the weight comes off the true condition of my skin is showing mostly on my upper legs and tummy. 



So far though I’m happy to tell even with the pregnancy and the weight loss there’s no significant changes in the tats (besides some heading south). Now, we’ll see if they withstand a second go at the pregnancy rodeo in my 30s. 


Another question I’ll often get is “do I regret” my tattoos?”. I can honestly say sure for a split second if I see some glowing skinned beauty with flawless skin wearing a showing outfit I may think “man it would be nice to have skin like that. Yet, those moments are rare and fleeting.  Each tattoo on my body stands for something, has a story behind it and some emotional significance. In a way asking me if I regret my tattoos is like asking me if I regret my life. Which as anyone I have somethings that I didn’t do perfect just as some of my tattoos aren’t perfectly done or aging perfectly but all in all it’s my life and I’m proud of it however unperfected, bleeding lines, and faded it and they maybe.  


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Goodbye old friends. (clothing friends that is)

Yesterday evening my girlfriend Zane came by. We party planned for G’s going away gathering at the end of the month and drank wine chatting about recent life. As part of prepping for our next move and taking steps towards being more minimal I’ve been purging the house slowly. I’ve taken to selling larger or more pricey things on Amazon (who knew it was so easy!?) and giving away/donating smaller items. 

The above photos are by far the hardest step I’ve taken since deciding to take real steps towards living minimal. I’ve purged my closet in the past many times but I’ve alway inevitably held onto items I was “emotionally” attached to. Items that didn’t fit mostly and I never wore but held some significant memory. You may see a bed covered in old worn clothes up there but I see one of the first pieces I bought and had tailored when I moved to NYC, the dress I wore (that’s WAY too big for me now) on mine and W’s first “date”, the dress I wore to G’s first birthday party, clothes I frolic’d around Europe in last summer during my life changing adventure, and many pieces bought across the country during my touring days. There was a lot of emotion in these pile of rags!

I took this step by step firstly placing the items in a paper bag in the corner of my room for a couple weeks. I knew I didn’t wear them, I knew I loved them, but wanted to see how it felt not having them in my closet. And you know what? With them out I didn’t even notice them missing! So, last night I took the last step and committed handing over the almost full bag to my friend for her to dig through. She took out each piece one by one squealing how she liked each one and almost like a ceremony of sort I would tell her the little piece of personal history behind each. After the bottle of wine dried up she folded each piece placing them back in the bag giving a friendly hug good bye and out the door my memories went to become new memories on someone else’s body. It feels a little bitter sweet like saying goodbye to an old friend. This was a natural step that’s preparing me for the biggest purge of all when I empty out my NYC loft soon. Boy will the emotions fly then haha! Till then I’m enjoying my now simpler closet and day dreaming of the pieces that I will eventually invest in once life settles down. 

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Weekend Recap

How was your weekend? This weekend marked exactly one MONTH till we say goodbye to LA. We know come the end of Sept W is headed to London to sort out our new home and G’s headed to Canada for almost four weeks to visit with my ex and his family (tear we’ll miss her). It’s still up in the air whether I’m going back to NYC for most of October which I won’t mind (duh fall in NYC) or heading to London with W to settle into a new (exciting) work position. So many things to figure out still and only 4 weeks to figure it all out! 


We had the absolute pleasure of hosting Tamara and her daughter Isla for lunch and some pool time Saturday. I know I always say it but Tumblr rocks for bringing awesome people into our life, one of the many reasons I blog here.  Funny how even though we’ve only been “online friends” for years we never skipped a beat “IRL”. Tamera’s a wonderful kind soul and little Isla, what a sweetie. You both are welcome anytime girls! 

Sunday I hit a personal milestone and ran FOUR miles for the first time in my life. I was in the zone and while it wasn’t easy I’m proud of the accomplishment. It was only four months ago I ran that first difficult mile I’ve come so far! 

Happy Monday friends I hope my american readers enjoy the labor day break and you all have a productive, focused, successful week! 

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Happy Friday + Weekend Reading

Some photos from this week from around these parts currently taking over populating my comp desktop: 

She has the thrifting gene, and it sure as heck isn’t from me….

Hearts! I wanna know the person who decided to put hearts all over their building….

W & G are taking in their last beach days before the big move (s). I on the other hand still loathing the sand and will be a happy camper to never see another grain anytime soon. The things we do for the ones we love…(like hiding from all the sand on a sheet for beach days) 

Best Dad Ever. Seriously even though he’s technically a “new” dad he kicks my butt some most days in the patient, awesome, parenting stuff. 

What are you up to this weekend? We’re headed to a party tonight with friends being put on by the clever local business Kale Cart looking forward to a glass of wine and some yummy homemade food! We’re also looking forward to (dare I say) meeting another tumblr family with an IRL playdate. This blog never stops bringing amazing people into our life.  

Here’s some stuff from around the web that caught my attention this week if you’re in need for some weekend reads over that leisurely Sunday coffee. ;) 

 -While it was work related finding THESE GUYS I’m kinda loving their platform for listening to music both on desk top and on my phone, plus it’s FREE currently to use the app! It’s more intuitive than say pandora since you can use the fun sliders to set up your musical preferences. 

-I always thought risotto was full of butter, cream, and everything naughty. Little did I know it doesn’t need to be and that creamy texture is actually from 30+ mins of stirring. Since discovering this risotto has become my go-to when hosting guests. There’s something magical about investing the time to carefully make something for people you love and welcomed into your home. I feel so intentioned in the prep and have made it twice in the past month for guests! This week we had a friend in the building and his daughter over for dinner and a playdate I specifically made THIS recipe with some added yellow and red peppers. Ended up SO yummy. 

-Man, this writer I tell ya…she always seems to write her experiences out in a way that challenge my own believes in minimalism and growth (in a good way). THIS post has been on my mind all week….

-Seems like my life has just been one big ball of change in the past well….forever haha. I appreciated THIS (longer) read and being a techie I loved the brain/computer comparison it’s so clever and will stick with me for sometime I think.

Hope you have a great weekend friends! Soak in the last of those summer rays and warm air when you can! 


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Thursday Thanks

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a Thursday Thanks post which is weird considering there’s just SO much to be thankful for lately! Join me on Thursdays in taking in a deep breath and a few moments out of your day to think about what you’re currently thankful for. Helps me focus in before the end of the week. 


I’m thankful for Health

This is obviously a big one in our life right now. I’m thankful to have a healthy family and I’m thankful to be on the path I am. I feel good and that’s the important part. I’ve hit a big of a plateau in my weight loss this week and a bit, thanks to ah hem “being a woman” but knowing there’s so many sides of health I’ve taken to working on my stretching and resting more in lieu of loosing. I’m thankful there’s so many pieces and layers to this getting healthy thing and I’m learning to love my “in-between body” as I’ve started to call it even though it sometimes feels a little weird. 


I’m thankful for Homemade goodness

Even though I’ve always leaned a bit towards the “crunchy” side of the spectrum besides knitting I’ve never really taken being the homemade type since I was always so focused on work. Slowing down this last six months has given me the time and drive to experiment with the DYI world. Cooking obviously has been one area I’ve explored but most recently I’ve been playing with the homemade probiotics to help with healing our tummies. This week I’ve started to make homemade sauerkraut after discovering it (and crazy price) at a local farmers market a few weeks ago. Who knew it was SO easy or SO cheap to DIY?! Simple supplies and a little time is all it really takes. Plus one serving of this yumminess has more live probiotics than an entire bottle of the probiotics found in stores. Who knew?! 


I’m thankful for The Future

In the past two weeks I’ve had a handful of great skype interviews for jobs in the UK. Depending on if I find a good fit and have the right offer I’ll be moving out of working for myself and joining a team. So far I’ve been really enjoying the process of getting to know these different people and companies. I find it so exciting that each one of these Skype chats has a whole world of potential behind it. Depending on what position I end up in will be my future! the people I’m meeting online at the moment I maybe working side by side with everyday at some point. It’s incredible hopeful and fascinating to me. I’m happy to not be rushing the process with no real deadlines but easing into this new life. 

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The Life Span of a Mommy Blogger.

Some of you may have noticed in this little corner of the internet I’ve be slowly making some changes on my blog. New banner, final jump to my new URL, somewhat consistent posting (yay me!), new “about page” and little things like that. I’m slowly re-building this blog to what I feel represents the current “me” with my extra time these days. There’s been so many incarnations of this site over the years and just as finding my own footing in the world has been an interesting path so has finding my voice and true personality online. Most likely as ever ending path it will be. Kudos to those of you that have been along for the ride for over four years now! Don’t think I don’t notice you still liking and interacting on social media cause I do, and I love you like the old friends you have become.


As I’ve been tinkering with my writing I’ve been thinking often (distance running helps with time to think) about mommy blogging and the life expectancy of such content. When browsing through a fellow friend’s blog a couple weeks back she posted on a photo below writing: “when did the 2009/2010 babies become grown children?”. This thought lingered with me. Firstly yes, the 2009-2010 kids, I get it. I can list off something like 17 children by name and age alone I’ve followed along with their parent’s blogs over the years but feel so close with they could live right next door. It’s a close group of people. Yet, I’ve observed a trend among almost all the mothers (and few fathers) myself included a trend in the shifting of content lately. 

I’ve concluded this is only normal with the younger of the babes there’s just SO much variety to choose from and so many things to have opinions about. From cloth diapering to how you feed your baby, ear piercing babies (still think this is evil BTW) to sleeping arrangements. Most importantly though there’s SO much passion that goes behind these topics it’s easy to get fired up to read, write, and weigh in on the subjects. As our children grow things just kind of mellow out I think. As arguments over circumcision become a far memory we become less concerned or if not concerned at least less actively involved in the debates. Our babies become children and assume living not as adults but functioning little humans. The milestones become less and less massive and we as parents kinda sorta get a bit of our old “before children selves” and freedoms back. And it feels good right? 

Yet, content for my blog like so many others started with that little line across a pregnancy test can be challenging to navigate as our kiddos grow. In turn most blogs going through this I see migrating to the “lifestyle” side of things and I would be kidding myself as I’ve worked on this most recent re-vamp if I said I hadn’t considered clicking the “lifestyle” category on bloglovin. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it again registering the new domain under family. I don’t feel I deserve to call myself a lifestyle blogger after all I’m just figuring out my own lifestyle haha! So I question you this, do parenting blogs that started just as that a parenting blog reincarnate into life style blogs as the children grow up or do they essentially come with an expiration date? 

Don’t misunderstand me here, I still feel there’s a lot more “parenting” content to come from this little soul. Both with my big girl and my hope-to- have- in - near future (here’s looking at you W) babes. But it’s something that’s been on my mind as I change my own site and observe my ever changing community. I would love to hear your thoughts on it also. Am I the only person out there thinking about this? 

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